What residential services do you offer?

  • Window cleaning
    • Interior and exterior glass, frames, tracks and sills
    • Skylights
    • French pane 
    • Window screen cleaning (requires access to your water for rinsing)
    • Storm window cleaning 
    • We reccomend having your window cleaning performed after a house wash, roof wash, or any insect treatments that may leave residue on the glass
  • Power washing (requires access to your water)
    • Exterior house/barn/building wash (soft wash) - we reccomend that you schedule a window cleaning after a house wash service due to the cleaning detergents used. Although we take precausions to rinse your windows, it is not always possible to keep them crystal clear during a house wash service. 
    • Roof wash (soft wash) - please note that you may not see the full affect of a roof wash until after a couple of rains, typically within 30 days you should expect to see the full affect of your roof wash.
    • Decks, patios, patio furniture, driveways, docks, fences, etc (soft wash)
    • Pressure washing available for certain applications
  • Gutters
    • Residential gutter cleaning service is the the interior of your gutters and includes removal of debris by hand, rinsing out of interior and downspouts as needed, ensuring downspouts are functioning properly (requires access to your water for rinsing unless otherwise arranged)
    • Exterior cleaning and polishing, restoration of gutter exterior
    • Diamond Guard gutter guards purchase and installation (50% down payment required prior to scheduling this service)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Dryer vent cleaning - thorough cleaning at exhaust and at the dryer. We reccomend having this service at least once per year due to reduce the risk of fire
    • Chandelier, fan, light fixture cleaning.
    • Specialty services - if you are looking for a service that does not quite fall within a category here, but would involve the same skill set, equipment and materials we use, please reach out (it doesn't hurt to ask). We can discuss the details and see if we are the right team for the job, if not, maybe we can reccomend someone else that can help.
  • Holiday/event light installation
    • This service is still in the planning stages as of Fall 2023. Please feel free to inquire if you are interested in this service so that we can update you once we impliment this offering. 
    • Our holiday light installation specialist has many years of experience and we are working to irong out the details needed to provide a sustainable customized holiday lighting installation service. Holiday lighting service levels are expected to include the initial customized measurement and installation, post-season removal/storage of your customized lighting. We plan to offer a subscription type service so that we can reinstall your customized lighting each holiday season.
    • In addition to regular holiday light services we plan to offer special event lighting services for weddings, gatherings, venues, etc.

Why should I have my windows cleaned professionally when I can do it myself?

  • The difference is substantial, the thorough cleaning performed is not a quick wipe down and we definitely aren't using paper towels. Our technicians pride themselves in their attention to detail, we strive to restore the original clarity of your glass with polishing whenever possible, we clean out the tracks, the frames, the sills. We excercise your window functions and will reccomend repairs as needed.
  • It is easy to injure yourself if you are not familiar with climbing a ladder on a consistent basis. Our team is experienced in offering a thorough cleaning, safely, even while servicing your 3rd story window. 
  • Cleaning windows at the level our team offers is tediuos, time consuming and can be frustrating if you are not experienced. We'd love to take this offer your hands so you can simply sit back and enjoy the view.

For more information, see our division specifics such as residential, or commercial, or new construction.